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superdelicious icecream

Since 1898 we love to spoil young and old with our delicious ice cream: our range goes covers sublime dairy ice cream and refreshing waterice, cones, individual desserts and impulse products on sticks and in cups. The key to our success, throughout the years, has never changed: craftsmanship, combined with natural ingredients, lovely whipped cream and that extra touch that gives a MIO ice cream product it’s unique flavor, over and over again…

mio gelato

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At MIO we combine respect for tradition with ongoing innovations. Our Research Department is constantly looking for new possibilities to develop new flavors and products. When you go through our catalogue, you will be amazed by the offer: crispy cones, refreshing sorbets, original desserts and ice cream cakes for special occasions!

Our Priority is


Quality and Food Safety are our biggest priorities. On a daily basis our products undergo a severe quality-survey in order to deliver to you our best ice cream. We insist on this! In our lab we examine twice a day the color, the flavor and the scent of each production run, in order to be able to guarantee the highest quality-standard.

Thanks to these standards MIO has been rewarded with the ACS and the IFS Certificate by the Belgian and European authorities.